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Latest: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Advice & Resources

We are working hard to understand the consequences of COVID-19 for landlords, tenants, investors and developers. Here you will find a series of posts, including property advice from across the firm, answers to the most frequent questions we are being asked currently, as well as links to useful external resources.

12th May 2020

Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19): advice to employers 

Following on from Sunday's announcement by the Prime Minister regarding the relaxing of some lockdown measures, the Government has published refreshed guidance for employers about how to work safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

06th May 2020

Steps for reoccupying commercial buildings: property asset management tips

As the Government begins to announce the ease of social distancing restrictions amid the continued COVID-19 outbreak, both landlords and tenants will be considering what steps they need to take to enable their business, or that of their tenants, to return to normal.

30th April 2020

Raising Funds via Sale and Leaseback (the alternative to a finance package)

Owner occupiers have one significant advantage over leaseholders when it comes to the requirement to raise significant sums of cash relatively quickly – the property they occupy.

28th April 2020

As a property lender, can I appoint a Fixed Charge / LPA Receiver during COVID-19 lockdown to recover debt?

Many businesses and their people are being adversely affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, through no fault of their own. As a result, there is considerable sensitivity around lenders taking any formal action against borrowers during these unique circumstances.

28th April 2020

Can I still get a property valuation despite COVID-19?

A key requirement of a property valuation is that you have to inspect the building in question. Since the implementation of stringent measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, surveying and valuing properties in person has become more challenging, but not impossible. 

13th April 2020

FAQs: How is COVID-19 affecting planning and development?

The current sentiment is there remains a robust case for new homes and the right type of commercial development, and the current turbulence is not the result of any wider market failure but is due to this health crisis.

Timeline of events

17th April

Government furlough scheme extended by 1 month

16th April

Government confirmed lockdown restrictions to continue for "at least" another three weeks

25th March

Parliament shuts temporarily

23rd March

Prime Minister introduces three measures as part of “stay at home, stay safe” campaign

19th March

UK schools close

19th March

Bank of England cuts interest rates to 0.1%

11th March

Bank of England cuts interest rates to 0.25%

Blogs & Insight

What does a 'Covid-secure' office look like?

19th May 2020

As people continue to return to the workplace following the Government's recent announcement, businesses continue to do all that they can to ensure a "Covid-secure" workplace, adhering to the latest guidelines

What will happen when we return to the office after COVID-19 lockdown ends?

05th May 2020

There is a plethora of information and misinformation from across the globe relating to the post-COVID-19 workplace, from advice and sales calls, to guides, stories and emailers offering a host of products that will be ‘necessary’ to ensure a safe return to the office.

What will your post-pandemic property portfolio look like?

28th April 2020

“Now that everyone is working from home, can I close all of my offices at the next lease break?” This is a question we have been asked in various forms and with varying levels of seriousness in recent weeks in conversation with our occupier clients. And the answer isn’t a straight forward one.


As trusted advisers, we are here to support you during these unprecedented times, to help you navigate business decisions with a holistic and commercial approach to the challenges and opportunities you currently face.