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Vail Williams Environmental Policy

Vail Williams & the Environment

At Vail Williams the concept of safeguarding the future comes easily to us. The properties and projects we work on and the strong client relationships we develop require meticulous future planning. The same can also be said of the continuing success (and succession) of our own company partnership – now in its 3rd decade and looking forward to many more to come.

So our promise: "To actively seek to minimise the impact of Vail Williams on the environment and so help preserve the future", is both genuine and wholehearted.

The Executive Board and I are fully supportive, and involved with, the initiatives being identified and implemented by our ‘Growing Green’ Environmental Team and we will ensure they are carried out whenever practical and commercially justifiable.. These initiatives include:

  • Reducing energy use by the application of best practice measures and technology on our lighting, heating and IT, and where economically viable seeking to use green tariff energy or renewable sourced energy in preference.
  • Appointing Green Champions in each of our 6 regions as part of our VW Care CSR Programme.
  • Sustainable reduction of our material use – paper, stationery, printing, hardware.
  • Promoting cycle to work schemes, public transport use and lift sharing.
  • Recycling of waste material where practicably possible and seeking to influence how our waste is dealt with by others where reasonably possible.
  • Awareness by all staff on good housekeeping practices relating to environmental and energy matters.
  • Constantly questioning and reviewing our behaviours where it impacts the environment.

We strive to be one of the leaders in our industry in minimising the impact of our activities on the environment, and we hope to lead by example in helping our clients and supply chains to do the same. This commitment exists throughout the entire team, and is an important consideration in the decision making process during our senior management meetings.

I encourage all Vail Williams staff to be more aware of their environmental footprint and to get involved in helping support this initiative. Our full Environmental Policy can be downloaded here.

Matthew Samuel-Camps Managing Partner, Vail Williams LLP