1. Valuation Surveyor

    Job Title: Surveyor (up to Senior)

    Service: Valuation

    Location: Reading

    Region: Thames Valley

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  2. Marketing Executive

    Job Title: Marketing Executive

    Service: Marketing

    Location: Solent Region

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  3. Business Space Surveyor

    Job title:  Surveyor

    Service:  Business Space / Agency 

    Location:  Reading

    Region:  Thames Valley

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  4. Senior Planner

    Job title:  Senior Planner

    Service:  Property Planning Consultancy

    Location:  Reading

    Region:  Thames Valley

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  5. Facilities Coordinator

    Job Title:  Facilities Coordinator

    Service:  Property Asset Management (PAM)

    Location:  Client Site - University of Southampton Science Park

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  6. Business Development Executive

    Job Title:  Business Development Executive

    Service:  Rating

    Location:  Birmingham

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  7. Trainee Planner

    Job Title:  Trainee Planner

    Service:  Planning Consultancy

    Location:  Crawley, Gatwick region

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