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Raising the standard of property valuations

25th February 2011

25/02/2011 "RICS has a crucial role to play in ensuring credibility for the professional….

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Will investors' wishes come true in 2011?

27th January 2011

27/01/2011 The commercial property investment market was generally out of favour amongst financial advisors in the second half of 2010, the majority of whom were correctly forecasting greater returns from equities and bonds.

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Portsmouth: Highcross lets landmark building

7th January 2011

07/01/2011 Southern Co-operative to move 100 staff to new offices at Lakeside North Harbour.

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Hotels: Is the glass half full or half empty?

30th December 2010

30/12/2010 It is clear that the hotel and hospitality sectors have suffered greatly over the last few years, with significant closures talking place, although the picture is improving.

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10 Pieces of Valuable Advice

8th December 2010

There are some excellent opportunities for occupiers to cut costs or benefit from market conditions.

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Shape Up Mr Landlord If You Want Us To Stay

1st December 2010

01/12/10 Twelve months ago the UK Economy was still in a recession considered by many to be the worst since the 1930's, writes Geoff Fallon, Partner, Corporate Real Estate at Vail Williams.

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Localism in a Pickle?

25th November 2010

25/11/2010 Are moves by the Coalition to scrap regional housing strategies missing the bigger picture?

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Planning, Understanding Your Development Rights

11th October 2010

As a result of a change in the law in 2010, some non-residential development which would once have required planning permission now no longer does so.

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Thames Valley Top Location to Recover from Recession

16th September 2010

16/09/2010 Speakers at Thames Valley Property Forum, sponsored by Vail Williams, highlight Thames Valley as the top location in the UK to recover from recession

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Is your business paying unnecessary 'Empty Rates'?

15th September 2010

15/09/2010 Many businesses are paying empty rates unnecessarily.

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