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Like a latter-day goldrush, developers have been falling over themselves to put their markers down and secure potential development land along the proposed OxMkCam arc. 

The arc will include a new east-west rail line through Oxford - Milton Keynes - Cambridge, an Expressway transforming the current tortuous east/west journey times and the aspiration to build a million new homes along these new routes to make the area more affordable. 

As one commentator put it, the arc will connect highly successful places that currently have poor interaction. 

The Government has so far provided funds for the planning stage of the railway line and pledged over £25 billion for a UK wide roads improvement fund, to include the Expressway. 

Further consultation on both routes is expected later this year. But what does all this mean for future development in the area? 

Read Miles' full article from the Thames Tap Oxford Report on page 7, here.