Our Guildford office welcomes another new recruit – Longbow wielding Aine Bourke

December 5, 2016

Rather than just writing a press release about our new starters, we like to get to know them properly with a short Q&A – and it was no different for our latest recruit Aine Bourke, who has joined our Guildford office as a Graduate Planner.

Aine joins us straight from University in Cork, where she studied for a Masters in Planning and Sustainable Development. Given her expertise, it’s no surprise that she is joining our property planning consultancy team to specialise in commercial planning advice.

Here’s a bit more about Aine, and why she chose to join Vail Williams over and above any other commercial property firm.

How long were you there and what do you specialise in?
I came to Vail Williams straight out of University where I did my masters in Planning and Sustainable Development, at University College Cork in the south of Ireland.

What attracted you to your new post at Vail Williams?

Initially I really liked the company for what it stands for, but the people are really what have made me feel at home in my move and in starting in this new post.

What are your ambitions in the role?
My ambitions are to work hard, gain invaluable experience and get my RTPI Chartered qualification.

What’s the best thing about working in property, and why?
The opportunities to work on big and interesting projects which are different and challenge you to think.

What was your first ever job?
My first ever job was working in a supermarket tidying the store and deep cleaning the shelves at the weekend.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Everything Happens for a Reason.

If you had to recommend a good book, what would it be, and why?
Stolen Time by Sunny Jacobs is a great book about a woman and her partner jailed for a crime they didn’t commit, and her life and struggle behind bars while she fought for their freedom. The book is her biography and it shines a light on how unfair and cruel life can be. But no matter how bad it gets, perseverance will get you through. It’s a very interesting and thought-provoking read!

Tell us a surprising fact about yourself
I spent my undergraduate life in university on a Medieval and Renaissance Society, partaking in re-enactment and living history events. I learned traditional style archery there, and own an English Longbow.

What’s your favourite band?
I can never just stick to one favourite band or type of music. Currently my two favourites are Lukas Graham and Hudson Taylor.

If you could work in any other profession, what would it be and why?
Teaching- when choosing my masters courses at University, I applied for both teaching and planning, unsure of which to choose I got offered both and chose planning (a decision I’m still happy with). However, if I had to choose another career path I would go with teaching as I like the idea of being able to help people have a better education and future.