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Our Values

The things we do individually and collectively to ensure our service levels and client experiences are of the highest order and that the Vail Williams reputation is nourished and nurtured with every client engagement we undertake.

We Listen

We are open, approachable and inclusive; we communicate with clarity.
  • We communicate with clarity in plain English.
  • We share good news. We do not hide bad news.
  • We encourage people to express their opinions. We actively listen and respect others' opinions.
  • Our leadership team is visible, open and approachable. We communicate information on key decisions and change, and the business' performance and plans with everyone.
  • We all actively seek feedback and learn from it. We share the positives. We take on board criticism and seek to turn it into a positive for the benefit of ourselves, our colleagues, and the business.
  • We encourage and support a 'fun' working environment.

We Care

We built trust and respect by demonstrating integrity, honesty and appreciating everyone's contribution.
  • We are positive. We are supportive. We treat everyone equally.
  • We take responsibility.
  • We should not be arrogant. We treat everyone with trust and respect. We are polite and courteous.
  • We celebrate success. We acknowledge peoples' contributions.
  • We care about the detail and set high standards for ourselves.
  • We care about people's wellbeing.
  • We encourage and support social and community activities.

We Innovate

We embrace change and challenge thinking through collaboration and insight.
  • We encourage and welcome new ideas. We continuously strive to improve everything we do.
  • We learn from our experiences and mistakes. We change if necessary.
  • Multi level / function / discipline collaborative working is actively encouraged.
  • We embrace and support change with energy.
  • We encourage everyone to embrace a Personal Development Plan and empower them to reach their maximum potential.

We Lead

We enable people, teams and organisations to develop, achieve and realise ambition.
  • We ensure all our decisions, behaviours and communications and reflect our values - our values are our differentiator.
  • We have a clear and identifiable strategy and set of business objectives.
  • Diversity is an asset. We capitalise and focus upon our people's strengths.
  • We actively develop our business leaders and managers.
  • We make and communicate decisions in a timely manner.

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