Decarbonising commercial property

Our team of expert property advisers, together with a range of trusted consultants, can support your journey to net zero carbon emissions, through more energy efficient buildings and sustainable workplaces.

From working with you to measure, plan and reduce your carbon emissions, to improving your building or portfolio’s EPC ratings, through building improvements or the implementation of renewable, sustainable energy sources – we will support you in prioritising and delivering energy efficient buildings.

Our people, your partners

We understand that environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is as high on your agenda as it is our own.

Against the backdrop of increasing regulatory requirements for businesses to demonstrate transparency and improvement when it comes to energy usage and carbon emissions, not to mention the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), it is more important than ever to address the energy efficiency in the built environment.

Working closely with you, we will help to reduce energy usage, increase energy efficiency, and mitigate the impact of real estate decisions on the environment – whether you are the occupier of commercial property or a landlord, investor or developer.

Support for Occupiers

Improving the impact that your business has on the environment is not only the right thing to do for the planet, it has the potential to deliver other advantages too.

From reduced carbon footprint and staff attraction and retention, to saving your business money in the longer term, there are many benefits in renting energy efficient buildings, or improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings you lease.

Vail Williams can support you across the property lifecycle, to deliver net zero property carbon emissions, whilst optimising the value of your assets should you own your building out right.

We can help with everything from initial energy efficiency assessments and lease reviews to negotiation of improvements with landlords, EPC assessments and recommendations, to specifying and project managing improvements. Together with our specialist renewable energy delivery partners, we can help you to meet your ESG requirements, whilst doing your bit to address climate change.

Support for Landlords, Investors & Developers 

It is already unlawful to lease a building with an EPC of ‘F’ or ‘G’ rating, rising to a minimum standard of ‘A’ or ‘B’ by 2030, affecting the majority of UK real estate assets.

Failure to meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) leaves you unable to retain tenants or maintain income producing assets.

Now is the time to improve the energy efficiency of your assets, reduce your carbon emissions and improve energy performance – not only to meet regulatory obligations, but to attract tenants, meet lending criteria, limit void periods and command premium rents.

Our energy and sustainability team can help with everything from initial energy efficiency assessments, EPC assessments and recommendations, to specifying and project managing improvements.

Adding solar PV to buildings or installing renewables on land often requires planning consent.  Our planning team can assist in advising on the most appropriate planning strategy to align with your overall ESG objectives.

MEES Strategy Renewable Energy Assessments & Procurement
MEES Strategy & Project Management

Sustainable construction, fit out or refurbishment specification and project management, including:

  • EPC Strategy
  • M&E Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project management of building works to improve energy efficiency
Asset / Portfolio Assessment & Lease Review

Report with recommendations to improve energy efficiency and improvements, including detail regarding who pays for what under the lease(s), possible dilapidations and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) measures.

Landlord Engagement Strategy

Negotiation of energy efficiency improvements during the lease or at lease renewal.

Property Search - Sustainability Assessment

Analysis of EPC ratings, BREEAM and WELL Building certifications for informed property decisions in line with your ESG policy.

Planning Advice

Planning applications for solar PV installations and battery storage, and advice on future proofing buildings for decentralised energy, sustainable planning policies and adaptation for flexible fuel sources.

Green Lease Advice

Advice on Green Leases and Memorandums of Understanding.

Valuation Advice

Advice for owner occupiers, landlords and investors on the impact of an EPC rating on asset value.

Capital Allowance Claims

Working with expert partners who can advise on potential tax relief savings from energy efficiency improvement works.

EV Charging Advice

We can source appropriate sites with EV charging requirements to meet your business needs.

We will also identify and negotiate EV charging solutions with your landlord, seeking consent and implementing Licences to Alter, working with experts in EV technology.

Energy procurement

Supporting your business in the process of researching and finding the best business energy contracts on the market to sustainably fuel your business.

Solar PV Assessment

Working with expert solar PV partners, we provide a detailed report and business case regarding Solar PV installation potential and return on investment.

Our building consultants can assess roof suitability and engage with engineers regarding structure.

Our planning experts will draft and submit the associated planning application.

Battery Storage Advice

Our team will advise on the application for the installation of battery storage, in relation to negotiation with landlords, project management and grid connection.

Energy & Sustainability Insight