Strategic thinking, delivering development and place value

Our team of over 60 town planners, property valuation experts, surveyors, investment advisers and development consultants, understand the challenges and opportunities that we all face when it comes to ambitions such as highstreet regeneration, city centre regeneration, and town centre or urban area regeneration.  As a leading urban regeneration company, our goal is to help you realise your ambitions of transforming our town centres and urban areas back into a place of vibrancy and purpose.

We have experience of working with over 50 local authorities across the UK, in supporting a more holistic view of town centre regeneration and repurposing, which intertwines future lifestyle and consumer habits, with environmental, transport and infrastructure needs.

Our people, your partners

To deliver on your town centre or urban regeneration project , we will bring together a bespoke team of property experts comprising experienced surveyors and town planning consultants.

We will work collaboratively with you and your town, city or urban area regeneration project teams, to not only revive your urban area, but to ensure that it thrives for many years to come.

From thinking about the future purpose of your town centre or urban area and how it is and will be used, as well as by whom, to town planning and considering the infrastructure that needs to sit around it, we will work with you to make the most of the opportunity to transform our towns and cities for the better.

Our urban and town centre regeneration services

Our advice spans everything from strategic placemaking insight to inform your town centre regeneration or repurposing project, to assessing its market and development viability, acquiring land via compulsory purchase, and providing strategic planning advice: