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While business rates remain a costly and complicated subject for ratepayers, Empty Rates represent a more complex issue for property companies, developers, funds and occupiers with legacy space, especially when it comes to minimising this tax burden.

The rules and procedures applied by Valuation Officers, Local Authorities and changing nature of case law continue to influence;

  1. The point at which new developments can be deemed complete for rating purposes;
  2. The circumstances that can lead to the removal (or zero value) of a Rating List entry;
  3. Legitimate ways in which reliefs can be applied/re-applied.

Every new commercial development, newly refurbished building or vacant premises facing a rates liability requires a detailed understanding of the property circumstances, allied to a specific mitigation game-plan.

There is usually a wider strategic context to the empty rates advice we provide to our owner clients, from business space awaiting redevelopment, to the provision of budgetary advice, workable temporary occupation solutions, historic auditing, through to preparing for the 2017 Rating Revaluation.

For more information and/or to arrange an informal discussion or meeting about a specific property or on your investment portfolio, please contact VW’s Empty Rates Advisory Team or call on (free number) +44 (0)8000 710 014.

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Our business rates audit is an informal no-cost review of your current and future rates liability.

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