CSR – Why it’s important to play your part

July 6, 2017

We were proud to once again take part in the Property Triathlon at Dorney Lake, Eton – an annual charity fundraising event organised by JLL.

Celebrating its 11th year, the Property Triathlon is firmly established as one of the largest triathlon events in the UK, and has helped to raise over £1.7 million for charity.

The event is open to anyone in the property industry and is a great way for people of different ages and abilities to come together and compete side by side – all in aid for some fantastic charities.

This year was no different and saw over £190,000 raised for Crisis UK, in what was an exhilarating, fun and exhausting day!

Our team of triathletes consisted of men and women from across our business, who each gave it their all in order to do our sponsors and our company proud.

Competing in a triathlon is no mean feat but it was incredibly worthwhile – not just because of the money made for a great cause, but because it helps with everyone’s wellbeing, as tonic for the soul.

Doing things for the benefit of others should be part of every business’ ethos.

In corporate terms it’s known as CSR – corporate social responsibility. But in everyday terms, it’s simply about helping to improve the social environment in which we operate in.

As a business operating across eight different locations in the UK, we have a responsibility to put something back into the communities in which we operate, and this is what we do through various charitable activities in aid of our nominated charities.

But it also reinforces some of Vail Williams’ core values – that we listen, and we care.

And the point is, we should all care.

Too often we get embroiled in the everyday routine of our working lives, forgetting that there are people and organisations out there that need our support, be it through clearing weeds, baking cakes or competing in a triathlon – whatever it takes in order for us to apply our skills in order to make a positive impact.

This is a big part of who we are at Vail Williams, and we were delighted to have been able to do just that at this year’s Property Triathlon.

We’re proud of all the staff who took part, as well as those who supported the cause – clients and colleagues alike.

CSR matters – it helps others, and it brings everyone happiness. Bring on next year (once we’ve recovered!).

If you like what you hear and would like to join a team that cares, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how.