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Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19): advice to employers 

May 12, 2020

Following on from Sunday’s announcement by the Prime Minister regarding the relaxing of some lockdown measures, the Government has published refreshed guidance for employers about how to work safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Some of the highlights from the refreshed guidance (published 11 May), include: 

  • If you employ more than 50 people, you need to undertake a risk assessment and publish this on your website and send it to all employees
  • Regarding the risk assessment, you will need to consult a union representative or employee representative
  • There is a presumption on working from home unless the employee’s role is critical for the business
  • A 2m distance should be maintained between employees at all times and there should be the minimum number of people possible in the office to operate safely and effectively
  • Do not mix teams – keep the same small groups working together e.g red team / blue team
  • Monitor wellbeing and safety of home workers
  • Stagger start and finish times to reduce congestion/ provide additional bike racks
  • Promote handwashing through signage and provide hand sanitiser
  • Do not operate hot desking
  • Increase cleaning regimes for high use areas / surfaces such as door handles and lift buttons
  • Implement signage and visual reminders regarding social distancing, including tape on the floor, for example 
  • Provide for remote (Zoom / Teams) meeting, in place of in person meetings or provide for meetings outside
  • Work with landlords and other tenants on developing a plan
  • Provide protective screens for reception staff
  • Encourage employees to bring their own food

For more information and to review the guidance in full, click here.